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The App
DRIVR+ Event Detiails

The app to find car events, chat with users attending same events

Discover new events no matter where you are, at home or travelling the world with DRIVR+. Click here to download the app and join a community of passionate DRIVRs. Connect with other DRIVRs attending the same events as you and stay updated on the latest events. DRIVR+ is easy to use and available for download on both Android and iOS.



Discover Events

DRIVR+ makes it easy for you to discover and sign up for your next race. The app provides a map of upcoming events all around the world.

Connect with DRIVR's

Connect with other drivrs attending the same events as you. DRIVR+ helps you build a community of drivrs who share the same passion as you.

Stay Updated

Stay updated on the latest events and connect with other DRIVRs in your area. Bookmark upcoming events in the apps calander.

How the App Works


Create your profile

DRIVR+ helps you discover your next weekends plans. Simply download the app, sign up, create your cars profile, tell the world about your pride and joy. 

DRIVR+ Profile


Find your event

The DRIVR+ map takes all the hard work of scrolling social media finding events. DRIVR+ map lets you view all the events happening near or far from your location.



Once you've found the event you're wanting to attend, you can view other users attending to be able to message them, organise to catch up before the event, call out people or just chat about each others cars.

DRIVR+ Messaging
DRIVR+ Messages
About Us


Our app was created to help DRIVRs of all levels discover new events, connect with other DRIVRs, and build a community around their passion for everything automotive. We welcome everyone who loves cars, it doesn't matter the style, brand, colour, power, DRIVR+ is for everyone.

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